December 11-21, 1968


by Patrick Hamilton

"There's your extraordinary confusion of mind again."

In an age where man's inhumanity to man seems never to have been more casual; where mass murder, genocide, national starvation, public assassination, minority repression and ugly war have become regarded not just as "solutions to problems," but in fact "socially acceptable behavior;" the gloomy shadows of a gaslit room and the faint rusgle of Victoriana seem not only an escape but indeed a haven. Under the velvet cloak of Victorian manner, robeery, throatslitting, driving one's wife into insanity, ill-disguised flirtations with the below-stars-maid, all seem but a comfort station on the road to nuclear holocaust. Tonight we invite you to come in and relieve yourself.

From the programme for Gaslight (1968/69)

Cast & Creative Team
For Gaslight

  • Anne Anglin
    Mrs. Manningham
  • Margaret Barton
  • Eric Donkin
  • Mary Hitch
  • Les Kimber
  • Christopher Newton
    Mr. Manningham
  • James Spalding
    Two Policemen
  • William Hutt
  • Theatre Calgary Design Department
    Set, Costume & Lighting Design