January 15 - February 1, 1969

Irma La Douce

by Marguerite Monnot & Alexandre Breffort

"Shows you the kind of world we live in. Love is illegal - but not hate."

With the appearance on the European stage of The Threepenny Opera (Brecht-Weill) the musical theatre turned away from just being an excuse to stage nice songs and dances (or, as record companies like to say, "show tunes"), and began to mature into a full-blown theatrical form in which the music, dances and text are all equally part of a theatrical whole. Tonight's offering, Irma-la-Douce is very firmly grounded in this European tradition and its dept to The Threepenny Opera is immediately apparent.

Irma-La-Douce is a cartoon, but it is a cartoon liberally spiced with bitterness, heartache, passion, vice, corruption, greed...all the human qualities; and within the bold, farcical framework, the passion and humanity stand out as the very real basis of the play.

If there is a theme (in a literary sense) it is the triumph of humor and good will in the face of adversity.

From the programme for Irma-la-Douce (1968/69)

Cast & Creative Team
For Irma La Douce

  • Richard Blackhurst
  • George Dawson
    Gendarmes, Admirers, The Law Court, Prison Wardens etc.
  • David Dunbar
    Gendarmes, Admirers, The Law Court, Prison Wardens etc.
  • Jack Goth
  • Gary Griffiths
    Gendarmes, Admirers, The Law Court, Prison Wardens etc.
  • Geoff Michaels
  • Scott Mulhern
  • Roger Norman
  • Mort Van Ostrand
    Police Inspector
  • Toni SInclair
  • Jamie Zangoudakis
  • Joel Miller
  • Norbert Vesak
  • Theatre Calgary Design Department
    Set, Costume & Lighting Design