November 20-30, 1968

The Alchemist

by Ben Jonson

"I’ll believe.
That alchemy is a pretty kind of game,
somewhat like tricks o’the cards, to cheat a man."

The Alchemist is Ben Jonson's biting and hilarious expose of duplicity and the will to believe. Originally set in Jacobean England, the play concerns the adverntures of three con artists and their incredible collection of "clients" who are willing to be taken for every penny in return for an assortment of magic that will change iron into gold, offer charms to win games, love business. The "venture tripartate" of Subtle, Face and Dol Common, strange assortment of people who are all desperately compelled to believe in the "magic" peddled to them by the unwholesome threesome. The play builds ingeniously through a series of inexorable and farcical situations which culminaters in the unexpected return of the master of the house and a superb conclusion which leaves the audience with the realization that con men, like paupers, are always with us, and a warning for us all to look closely at our neighbours!

From the programme for The Alchemist (1968/69)

Cast & Creative Team
For The Alchemist

  • Anne Anglin
    Dol Common
  • John R. Bayliss
  • James Blendick
    Epicure Mammon
  • Eric Donkin
  • James Eberle
    Tribulation Wholesome
  • Jean Fleming
    Neighbours, Policemen, Priests, Servants, etc.
  • Penney Fuller
    Dame Pliant
  • Gary Griffiths
  • Mary Hitch
    Anna Nias
  • Charles Leuschner
    Neighbours, Policemen, Priests, Servants, etc.
  • Neil Munro
  • Grant Reddick
  • Brian Rhodes
    Neighbours, Policemen, Priests, Servants, etc.
  • Peter Scupham
    Abel Drugger
  • James Spalding
    Neighbours, Policemen, Priests, Servants, etc.
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