March 12-22, 1969

World Premiere

The Three Desks

by James Reaney

The Three Desks is not a straight forward play. It moves erratically in space and time. SOmetimes the play centres itself int he office sometimes in the corridors. Time leaps forward covered by a whispter, the half heard sounds of the Glee Club, a sudden stillness, or the ringing of a bell which indicates that a class has either ended or is about to begin. The first act is realtively smooth in its progression, but in the second and third acts the play takes on a more jagged motion. For the first time we see the students, and with the introduction of the students, emotions which previously had been only hinted at come to the surface and result in violence. At a time when students in Montreal can destroy two million dollars worth of equipment, the play seems particularly pertinent because at the heart of the play is a search for action which can mean something - not desultory action such as attending or giving lectures, but moments which change the past and illuminate the future.

Director Notes from the programme for The Three Desks (1968/69)

Cast & Creative Team
For The Three Desks

  • Janis Bowman
    Linda Axmouth
  • George Dawson
    Irvin Tuckersmith
  • Celina Doublet
  • James Edmond
    Dr. Jacob Waterman
  • Geraldine Gonis
    Deborah Harcourt
  • Garry Griffiths
    Leonard Radchuk
  • Dana Ivey
    Professor Mia Dubrovnic
  • Neil Munro
    Professor Edward Durelle
  • Jack Roberts
    Professor Sandy McWhin
  • Nicholas SImons
    Professor Maximilian Niles
  • Jean Walker
    Flossy Sauren
  • Joan Whiteley
  • Christopher Newton
  • Theatre Calgary Design Department
    Set, Costume & Lighting Design