The cast bound for the National Arts Centre in Ottawa after being officially “white hatted.” Photo by Bill Herriott (Calgary Herald)

January 8-24, 1970

World Premiere

You Two Stay Here,
The Rest Come With Me

book by Christopher Newton
Music by Allan Rae
Lyrics by Wally Grieve and Christopher Newton

Notes on U2

The idea for this production came to me in 1968. I felt that the company should do a show based on local history. Various British theatres have done local documentary plays and I saw no reason why we shouldn't do the same. Then I met Allan Rae and together we decided to make the thing into a different kind of musical in which songs comment from a distance rather than being part of the action. The actors remain themselves, they live in the world of 1970; at the same time they show you the world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Each act is constructed on a different premise. The first act, which I call "Audiences and Beginnings," tells the story of the early settlement up until 1886 – the N.W.M.P., the railway, and Riel. In the second act, which is called "Games," I have tried to indicate the variety of experience in the town and the country around Calgary up until 1914. Thus certain episodes are constructed like vaudeville sketches, others like old film clips, and others like modern T.V. talk show routines.

The message of the show is simple – expansion and creation are expansive and creative experiences.

Very many people have given me invaluable help. In particular I must thank Mr. Allan Connery who has sorted through remote files of The Herald and Miss Jameson and her staff at the Glenbow who have been most concerned and helpful. Above all I must thank Mr. Grant McEwan for Writing Calgary Cavalcade; from this most fascinating book I have derived many of my ideas for the show. Also valuable were Calgary by W.B. Fraser, Eye Opener Bob by Grant MacEwan, and Tales of the Old Town by Leishman McNeil.

– Christopher Newton

Cast & Creative Team
For You Two Stay Here, The Rest Come With Me

  • Pat Armstrong
    Sister Angelique, Woman in a Hotel in Victoria, Bella, Strawberry Flats Whore, Landlady
  • Michael Ball
    American Trader, Mountie, William Van Horne, Chief Crowfoot, Arthur Owen, Paddy Nolan, Amassy Diggs
  • Sandy Crawley
    Lead Singer, Toronto Delivery Boy, Soldier, Lounger outside the Depot, Customer on Strawberry Flats
  • James Edmond
    M.C., Irvine, Pete Campbell, Father Lacombe, Major-General Strange, Bartender, Train Conductor on the Red Deer Train, Jail Guard, General Middleton
  • Owen Foran
    Inspector Brisbois, Reverand Dykes, Director of the CPR, R.B. Bennett, Jack, Farmer, Minister of Justice, Donald Smith
  • Dana Ivey
    Mrs. Eli, Woman in Calgary, Dorothy Arkwright, Pioneer Woman, Secretary to the Minister of Justice
  • Susan Mitchell
    Mother Superior, Woman Two in a Hotel in Victoria, Mary Sutcliffe, Mrs. Diggs
  • Neil Munro
    American Trader, Mountie, Man in Calgary, Roger Carr, A Director of the CPR, Bob Edwards, Ernest Cashel, An Intinerant Preacher
  • Pam Rogers
    Woman in Toronto, Woman in Calgary, Committee Woman, Girl from Brocket
  • Don Shipley
    A Mountie, Paper Bow, Waiter, George, John Cashel, A soldier
  • Nicholas Simons
    British Civi Servant, Recruiting Sergeant, A Mountie, CPR Representative, A Director of the CPR, Mother Fulham, Chief of Police
  • Christopher Newton
  • Margaret Cicierska
  • Kenneth McBane
    Set & Costume
  • Allan Rae
    Musical Director
  • More Cast & Crew