November 7-24, 1973

with special assistance from Alberta-RCMP Century Celebrations Committee
present the world premiere of


by Sharon Pollock

Cast & Creative Team
For Walsh

  • Frank Adamson
    Harry, a wagon master
  • Jean Archambault
    Louis, a Metis scout
  • Margaret Barton
    Mrs. Anderson, a settler
  • Ron Chudley
    Sergeant McCutcheon, NWMP Constable
  • Michael Fletcher
    Major Walsh, Superintendent of the NWMP at Ft. Walsh
  • Nolan Jennings
    White Dog, an Assiniboine
  • Denis LaCroix
    Gall, a Chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux
  • Hardee T Lineham
    Clarence, a new recruit to the NWMP
  • Stephen Russell
    Crow Eagle, a Cree
  • August Schellenberg
    Sitting Bull, a Chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux
  • Hutchison Shandro
    Colonel MacLeod
  • Frank Turningrobe, Jr.
    Crowfoot, son of Sitting Bull
  • Harold G. Baldridge
  • Richard Roberts
    Setting and Lighting Design
  • Jane Grose
    Costume Designer
  • More Cast & Crew