Patricia Phillips

May 15-27, 1979


by Sophocles

Sophocles' timeless tragedy will come to life in a new adaptation and translation. One woman, Antigone, dares to defy the rule of the state and the tyranny of its ruler. Her fate today might not be so much different than it was in the days of ancient Greece.

Cast & Creative Team
For Antigone

  • Sharon Bakker
    Ismene, Eurydice, Chorus
  • Michael Ball
  • Stephen Hair
    Teiresias, Sentry, Chorus
  • Patricia Phillips
  • Darryl Scott
    The Boy
  • Christopher Youngren
    Haemon, Messenger, Chorus
  • Rick McNair
  • Pat Flood
    Set & Costume Design
  • Michael Becker
    Sound & Lighting Design
  • Normand Bouchard
    Stage Manager