March 31 - April 15, 1989


by Paul Ledoux and David Young

Cast & Creative Team
For Fire

  • Henry Czerny
    Herchel Blackwell, Lead vocals
  • Melanie Doane
    Ensemble, Fiddle, bass, mandolin and backup vocals
  • Denny Doherty
    J.D. Blackwell, Lead guitar, lead and backup vocals
  • John Dolan
    A Small Town Radio Producer, Jackson James, Dave Mitchell, Truman King, Bass and backup vocals
  • Ted Dykstra
    Cale Blackwell, Piano, keyboard and lead vocals
  • Andy Graffiti
    Ensemble, Drums, steel guitar and backup vocals
  • Linda Kash
    Molly King, Lead vocals, keyboard and autoharp
  • Malcolm McKay
    Ensemble, Sax and backup vocals
  • Paula Wolfson
    Shelly Grant, Ensemble, Acoustic guitar, keyboard, lead and backup vocals
  • Brian Richmond
  • Don Horsburgh
    Music Director
  • Lillian Messer
    Original Set Design Adaptation
  • Guido Tondino
    Original Set Design Adaptation
  • Jeffrey Dallas
    Lighting Design