November 25 - December 24, 1992

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Martin Kinch

Message from Brian Rintoul

A Christmas Carol has alway appealed to families because Dickens creates tales and characters that are easily understood by all ages. In particular on Scrooge's journey, the master storyteller conjures up not only ghosts but recognizable characters to love or to hate. Or in the case of Scrooge to hate and then love.

The theme of this holiday classic is simple and timely. Within each of us is the human potential to be a better person. It is a theme that crosses all creeds and lifts Dickens' tale out of the confines of one religious tradition into the realm of a universal tale of self-discovery and self-awareness and that brings it right up to date with new age thinking. Dickens was always concerned with the social issues of his day, mainly the proper treatment of children and the poor. Unfortunately, these social concerns are still unsolved.

But it is on an emotional rather than an intellectual level that A Christmas Carol has become as traditional a part of the holidays as candles and colorful lights. From pagan times and the celebration of the winter solstice, this time of the year has been associated
with the lighting of candles and more recently colorful lights as we seek to make a happy cozy place away from the bleakness of winter. Light has always symbolized hope and joy.

At Theatre Calgary, joy and hope are personified in the bright shining faces of little ones toddling up the big staircase of our lobby in their  party clothes. Many of them are full of the knowledge that they are participating in a grown-up activity with mom and dad or with their grandparents or the whole family. Overhearing neighbors or visiting relatives exchange their latest news, hearing the laughter as co-workers share a moment of camaraderie reveals the sense of community that is created in the theatre.

We hope you enjoy the holiday preparations made for you, the Christmas tree, the carolers, the displays and the lobby decorations. And it makes a fine start to your holiday season. Happy Holidays.

Brian Rintoul, Artistic Director

From the programme for A Christmas Carol (1992/93)

Cast & Creative Team
For A Christmas Carol

  • Amy Boudreau
    Mary Cratchit, Poor Girl, Fezziwig Guest, Schoolboy
  • Darlene Bradley
    Christmas Past, Mrs. Cratchit, Poor Woman
  • James Brewer
    Christmas Present, Mr. Fezziwig, Old Joe, Fred the Beggar
  • David Brindle
    Charles Dickens
  • Leslie Carlson
    Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Dave Clarke
    Tom, Dick Wilkins, Old Joe's Boy, Liverwart's Boy
  • Caden Douglas
    Tiny Tim, Bob, Fezziwig Guest, Schoolboy
  • Stephen Hair
    Jacob Marley, Christmas Future
  • John Hawkes
    Joh, Peter Cratchit, Young Ebenezer, Fezziwig Guest
  • Chris Humphreys
    Fred, Sir Giles Overby, Liverwart, Fezziwig Guest
  • Victoria Lamond
    Fan, Missy, Fezziwig Guest
  • Nicole Libin
    Martha Cratchit, Fezziwig Maid, Poor Girl
  • Hardee T. Lineham
    Bob Cratchit
  • Declan O'Reilly
    Beggar, Ebenezer, Richard, Grub
  • Bruce Parkhouse
    Topper, Sir George Brassington, Mr. Ramsgate, Fezziwig Guest, Beggar
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