December 4-24, 1994

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Martin Kinch

A Message from Brian Rintoul

A Christmas Carol was first published on December 19, 1843, just in time for the Christmas holiday and 12,500 copies were sold in the first five months. One British reviewer was quoted as saying "this was a carol that would be heard and remembered a hundred Christmases to come." By remarkable coincidence, just in the months when Dickens was writing the Carol, a fellow Londoner, Henry Cole, was inventing the Christmas card. Also at this time, the Christmas tree, the Christmas cracker, the activities of Santa Claus, along with many other Christmas traditions were being established in Britain.

Theatre Calgary is pleased to be taking part in your Christmas festivities once again this year. It is always wonderful to see the shining faces of the children, dressed in their holiday finest, who join us for this production. They hold the hope and promise of the future. We trust this universal tale of self-discovery and self-awareness will add a sparkle to your holiday season, and hope you will join us in sharing Scrooge's final promise: "to honour Christmas in your heart and try to keep it there all the year." Happy Holidays!

- Brian Rintoul, Artistic Director

Cast & Creative Team
For A Christmas Carol

  • Shauna Baird
    Christmas Past, Mrs. Cratchit
  • James Brewer
    Fred the Beggar, Mr. Fezziwig, Christmas Present, Old Joe
  • Dave Clarke
    Beggar, Dick Wilkins, Old Joe's Boy, Liverwart's Boy
  • Roman Danylo
    Ebenezer, Grub, Beggar
  • Caden Douglas
    Tiny Tim, Bob, School Boy, Fezziwig Guest
  • Darcy Dunlop
    Mrs. Ramsgate, Poor Woman, Emily, Fezziwig Cook
  • Martin Evans
    Bob Cratchit, Sir Giles Overby
  • Stephen Hair
    Ebenezer Scrooge
  • John Hawkes
    John, Poor Person, Young Ebenezer, Peter Cratchit
  • Jacqueline Henderson
    Mary Cratchit, Poor Girl, School Boy, Fezziwig Guest
  • Chris Humphreys
    Charles Dickens
  • James Kirchner
    Jacob Marley, Christmas Future, Richard, Granny
  • Duval Lang
    Topper, Liverwart, Mr. Ramsgate, Poor Person
  • Heather Lea MacCallum
    Beggar, Mrs. Fezziwig, Victoria, Laundress
  • Douglas McKeag
    Fred, Brassington, Fezziwig Guest
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