November 29 - December 22, 1996

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Martin Kinch

Notes from the Director

When A Christmas Carol was first published it captured the imagination of a nation. Lord Jeffrey wrote to say that Dickens "...had done more good with the book than the whole of the Christian Church could do in a year." The name "Scrooge" became a reference for meanness and the story highlighted a world where people lived in fear of poverty and exploitation, where major cities teemed with homeless people. Due in part to its dramatic quality, the story probably holds a record for the number of different stage adaptations. A Christmas Carol has become a play and a film that people seem to enjoy time and time again.

Why, when the world has changed so much, does the 153 year old story of a miserable old man still hold a fascination for today's audience? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the more the world changes the more it stays the same. In Calgary today approximately 1200 people are homeless. Young people roam our streets, prime targets for society's predators. Throughout the world a small percentage of the population grow richer while millions of other people starve, living in conditions as bad as anything Dickens ever witnessed.

The character of Ebenezer Scrooge is universal. Almost every day the media carries stories of childhood pain and abuse that have left emotional scars on an adult life. Perhaps the greatest lesson of A Christmas Carol is that it does not matter how old or evil a human may be, it is never too late to receive redemption. We can change, we can become better people and it is our greatest duty in life to attempt to improve the conditions of our fellows by relieving hardship, dispelling misery and bringing a little joy into the world. Proving each day that Faith, Hope and Charity are the keys to a better life.

- James Brewer, Director

Cast & Creative Team
For A Christmas Carol

  • Tory Doctor
    A Beggar, A Phantom, Ebenezer, Old Joe's Boy
  • Caden Douglas
  • Ravonna Dow
    Miss Frint, A Phantom, Belle, Melissa
  • Martin Evans
    Bob Cratchit, A Phantom, Sir Giles Overby
  • Rebecca Fishman
    A Beggar, A Schoolboy, Fezziwig's Guest, Mary Cratchit
  • Stephen Hair
    Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Michael J. Hancock
    Old Fred, A Phantom, Fezziwig's Guest, Christmas Present, Liverwart
  • John Hawkes
    John, Young Ebenezer, Fezziwig's Guest, Peter Cratchit
  • Zoe Heath
    A Beggar, A Phantom, Fezziwig's Maid, Emily, Laundress
  • James Kirchner
    Jacob Marley, Granny, Richard, Christmas Future
  • Matthew Lerigny
    Bob, School Boy, Fezziwig's Guest, John Cratchit
  • Colemann McIver
    Toby, A Schoolboy, Fezziwig's Guest, John Cratchit
  • Douglas McKeag
    Fred, A Phantom, Mr. Fezziwig, Brassington
  • Melanie Merkosky
    Missy, Fan, Fezziwig's Guest
  • Claire Frances Muir
    Christmas Past, Victoria, A Beggar
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