Denise Clarke, Jake Simons PHOTOGRAPHER UNKNOWN

April 17 - May 3, 1998

Andrew Lloyd Webber's

Song and Dance

Lyrics by Don Black

Cast & Creative Team
For Song and Dance

  • Denise Clarke
    Emma (Dance), Director, Staging, Choreographer
  • Peter Clarke
    Bass and Acoustic Guitar
  • Tracey Flye
    Viv, Mum, Shirley, Ensemble
  • John Kirkpatrick
    Sheldon, Paul, Dwight, Ensemble
  • Jonathan Lewis
    Viola, Violin, Mandolin, Accordion, Keyboards
  • Peter Moller
  • David Rhymer
    Piano, Keyboards, Musical Director
  • Jake Simons
    Chuck, Joe, Saxophone, Ensemble
  • Elizabeth Stepkowski
    Emma (Song)
  • James Brewer
  • Leo Wieser
    Set, Costume & Lighting Design
  • Susan Hayes
    Stage Manager
  • Susan McNair Reid
    Assistant Stage Manager