January 18 - February 5, 2000


by Patrick Hamilton

A Tale of the Diabolic

Within the gaslit rooms of her Victorian home, young bride Bella Manningham is slowly going insane. Haunting nightly footsteps, displaced possessions and a long winding staircase leading into menacing shadows, feed her terror. Should she turn to her husband for comfort and relief? Or is her descent into madness the result of a calculated torment? A kindly old inspector may be the only one who can uncover the sinister truth.

"It chills the blood, sends the moments racing by, and makes only the intermission seem long."
John Mason Brown, New York World Telegram

Cast & Creative Team
For Gaslight

  • Patricia Benedict
  • Caroline Cave
  • Tony Eyamie
    Policeman, Fight Coach
  • Kate Hennig
    Mrs. Manningham
  • Grant Reddick
    Sergeant Rough
  • Blair Williams
    Mr. Manningham
  • Nikki Lundmark
  • Scott Reid
    Set & Costume Design
  • Terry Middleton
    Lighting Design
  • Susan McNair Reid
    Stage Manager
  • Crystal Fitzgerald
    Assistant Stage Manager