September 28 - October 16, 1999

Wingfield Unbound

by Dan Needles

"Farming," says Walt Wingfield, "is like standing out in a field, in a cold wind, tearing up twenty-dollar bills."

This big-city stockbroker turned farmer continues to travel the bumpy and hilarious road to self-discovery. Rod Beattie's ability to create the multitude of personas from Persephone Township is unparalleled. You won't want to miss this fourth chapter of theWingfield series.

"The sweetest, funniest and the most down-right country-hearted snapshot of rural life... Rod Beattie's one-man show about Canadian farm life has come to be called a national treasure."
Toronto Star

Cast & Creative Team
For Wingfield Unbound

  • Rod Beattie
  • Douglas Beattie
  • Lisa Roy Munro
    Stage Manager
  • Kevin Currie
    Apprentice Stage Manager