Watch the official music video for The Louder We Get

"The more they try to silence us, the louder we get."

Theatre Calgary is getting loud and celebrating Calgary Pride, sharing the true story behind our dazzling January 2020 musical, The Louder We Get. The show tells the story of Marc Hall, a Canadian hero who inspired people across Canada when he won his Ontario Superior Court battle for the right to take his boyfriend to his high school prom. 

Now 17 years later, the meaning and message of Marc’s story is just as important today, and continues to motivate others to stand up for who they are. We are excited to bring his story to the stage to spark conversations, shift perspectives and continue to encourage us all to embrace quality, inclusivity and diversity in our city. 

Today we released the music video of the show’s title song, The Louder We Get, with Marc Hall. The video was cosponsored by Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre and 4K Film Production. It features the musical talent of 16 Henry Wise Wood high school students, Theatre Calgary’s 2019 High School in Residence, alongside songwriters Colleen Dauncey and Akiva Romer-Segal, who are also Henry Wise Wood alum. 

Theatre Calgary and Marc will also march together in the Calgary Pride Parade on Sunday, September 1st, further sharing the important message behind the show dressed in, you guessed it, their favourite prom attire.  

You can purchase tickets to this musical online, with the option to subscribe for the whole season or purchase our Musical Package and save. Visit us online or call our Audience Services team at 403-294-7447.