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BOOM X - Dress Circle Interview with Glenna Jones & Michael Sherman


Glenna, an engineer with Cona Resources, has lived in Calgary since 1992. Michael, a native Calgarian, is an entrepreneur and has businesses around the world from manufacturing clothing to software and now into the yoga business.

How long have you been subscribers with the theatre?

We’ve subscribed since 1997 and now our whole family has made a tradition of coming to the A Christmas Carol. Our kids measure all other versions of the story to the Theatre Calgary production saying “it’s the best because Stephen Hair is Scrooge”.

Why have you chosen to support the theatre through a Dress Circle membership?

We believe that supporting the theatre here and now is important to make sure it continues to be something we have in our city. With a Dress Circle membership you can support the theatre and treat yourself to all the benefits that come with your membership, so we all win with that. The theatre gets the donation, and you get benefits like wine in the W.O. Mitchell Room. We feel that even with the Dress Circle it still is a reasonable amount to pay for the quality of plays we see at the theatre.

Does it help that we can arrange a payment plan for both your tickets and your membership?

Yes, absolutely! It helps to spread the payments out to better match how we get paid. It makes paying for the membership painless and in that regard enhances the value.

If there was one thing about being a member of the Dress Circle that people should know, what would that be for you?

It makes the evening just so much more intimate for us and our guests. We get to go into the W.O. Mitchell Room, have a glass of wine, talk, sit and relax. We feel more comfortable talking together in the room than we would out in the busy lobby. Being in the W.O. Mitchell Room gives you that opportunity to connect with the people you’ve come to the show with and that’s something you don’t get being out of the hub-bub of the lobby. It changes the pace of the evening and gives us an opportunity to have a more intimate conversations with our guests.

Do you think performing arts are needed in our community?

They are absolutely needed. A play can give you that “vacation” from life and help you to disconnect from things that are happening at work or home. On the other hand, the arts can expose you to different ways of life which can be a good thing, even if that topic is uncomfortable for you because it’s not in line with your way of thinking. That kind of exposure can be a way of starting a dialogue on difficult or important issues. Live theatre offers a whole different level of mental engagement.

Do you feel that your Dress Circle Membership brings you closer to the art and a gives a feeling of being part of Theatre Calgary?

Being a member of the Dress Circle makes us feel special! We think the behind-the-scenes events are great because they give such insight into the plays and they really do make you feel more connected to the art; we also love meeting the artists up close and personal.

Is there something else you’d like to add?

Attending the theatre for us has become multi-generational. We started coming to the theatre because of our parents and now we are bringing our children. When they first started coming they really weren’t that keen, now it’s something they look forward to doing.