Stephen Hair

November 30 - December 24, 2000

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Greg Nelson and Ian Prinsloo

Director's Notes

A Christmas Carol is truly one of the great stories of western literature; a story that is woven deeply into our hearts. Scrooge's transformation mirrors each of our own transformations at this time of the year. We all become, to some extent, more compassionate and grateful for what we have. Christmas is a celebration of birth and a ritual of re-birth; it allows us time to remember our better selves and to draw strength from that memory.

Our annual production has become a part of Christmas in Calgary. I am always touched when I talk with people who have seen the play several times over the years: A Christmas Carol is a cherished event for them. Working on the play allows me to participate in that tradition.

I wish you all the best the season has to offer, and all the best for the coming year. Merry Christmas!

Ian Prinsloo, Director

Cast & Creative Team
For A Christmas Carol

  • Shawn Anderson
    Peter Cratchit, Young Ebenezer, Chorus
  • Ntara Curry
    Belle, Miss Fezziwig, Melissa, Chorus
  • Aidan James Dugan
    Tom Cratchit, Boy, Chorus
  • Natascha Girgis
    Mrs. Fezziwig, 1st Lady, 1st Charwoman, Chorus
  • Christian Goutsis
    Dick Wilkins Edward, 3rd Merchant, Chorus
  • Beth Graham
    Christmas Past, 2nd Charwoman, Chorus
  • Stephen Hair
    Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Zoë-Rose Hesse
    Mary Cratchit, Chorus
  • John Kirkpatrick
    Bob Cratchit, Charles, 1st Merchant, Chorus
  • Tom Koetting
    Marley, Baker, Christmas Future, Chorus
  • Jonathan Lewis
    Musician, Original Composition
  • Ryan Luhning
    Christmas Present, Fezziwig, 2nd Merchant, Chorus
  • Douglas MacLeod
    Old Joe, Topper, Chorus
  • Curt McKinstry
    Fred, Ebenezer, 4th Merchant, Chorus
  • Kate Newby
    Mrs. Cratchit, 2nd Lady Maid, Chorus
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