NOTICE: We are currently receiving a large number of ticketing phone calls, and in order to provide the best service for each inquiry, we kindly ask for your patience.   YOU CAN ALSO ORDER HERE: SUBSCRIPTIONS    SINGLE TICKETS

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Theatre Calgary Updates

We are currently experiencing an extraordinarily high level of phone calls.
We encourage you to order your tickets and subscriptions online through the link below. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we respond to all your inquires.

Safety and Comfort:

We have established new comfort and safety protocols (including full vaccination). You can find all the details through the Safety & Comfort link at the top of our homepage.

Subscriptions and Single Tickets

For the 2021-2022 season, we are excited to offer mobile ticketing.  Mobile ticketing removes the need for physical tickets.  Using your smartphone or mobile device, just present your mobile tickets and QR codes to our Front of House staff.

And don't worry, we will send you a reminder when the tickets are available on your account!

Mobile Ticketing FAQ

  • What is Mobile Ticketing?

    Mobile ticketing is a technology that allows you to access your tickets through your mobile device via your Theatre Calgary account. You don't have to print them out (but you can if you want!). The tickets will arrive to your account seven (7) days before your performance date with a uniqueQR code.   When you show up for your performance, our Front of House team will scan the barcode (just like a paper ticket), and you're in the door! 

    As the tickets are available through your mobile device, it eliminates the need for physical tickets, allows for safer and contactless entry into the Max Bell Theatre, and keeps both patrons and employees safe.  Theatre Calgary encourages patrons to switch over to mobile ticketing as it is a more secure and easier way to manage your tickets.  

  • Why is Theatre Calgary implementing Mobile Ticketing?

    There are a number of reasons that Theatre Calgary is implementing Mobile Ticketing.   

    Safety.  Mobile Ticketing eliminates the need for physical tickets and allows for a much safer and contactless entry into the Max Bell Theatre. This protects our patrons, volunteers, and staff. 

    Environmentally friendly. Theatre Calgary is taking steps to decrease our environmental footprint each and every day. We are encouraging a reduced paper output in our office and our theatre.  Mobile Ticketing helps us do that!

    Ease of Access and Convenience. Almost everyone has access to a mobile device. This makes mobile ticketing very convenient for patrons.    

    Extra Security.  Mobile ticketing helps prevent fraudulent tickets from appearing on third-party websites. They are harder to scalp or steal than paper tickets, and these extra security measures make fraud or theft nearly impossible.

    Eliminates Lost Tickets. It is very difficult to lose a mobile ticket as the tickets reside on your Theatre Calgary account.  They can't be accidentally deleted or lost.

  • How does Mobile Ticketing work?

    Mobile Ticketing is very convenient.  All purchases made online via the Theatre Calgary website default to Mobile Ticketing as a delivery method. You can also request Mobile Ticketing if you are purchasing through our Box Office team.

    Once you make your purchase, your Mobile Tickets will be available through your Theatre Calgary account seven (7) days prior to your performance dates.

    When you arrive at the Max Bell Theatre for your performance, access your Theatre Calgary account on your mobile device, present  your tickets and the barcode to our Front of House ushers, they will scan it and you're in!  

    For additional information about Mobile Tickets, click here

  • Will I still receive my tickets via email?

    No, your tickets will reside within your Theatre Calgary account only and will be accessible seven (7) days before your show date.  However, prior to your performance, we will send you a reminder to check your online account.  

  • When will I receive my mobile tickets?

    Your mobile tickets will be delivered to your Theatre Calgary account seven (7) days before your performance date.   If you hold tickets for multiple performances or are a subscriber, your mobile tickets will be delivered seven (7) before each of your performance dates. 

  • Do I need to download a separate app to access my mobile tickets?

    No, our mobile ticket delivery does not require you to download a separate app. Your tickets will be available on your Theatre Calgary account seven (7) days before your performance date.  The tickets maybe accessed via  any web browser on any device with access to a data plan or wi-fi. Alternatively, you may also print out your mobile tickets if you do not have access to a smartphone or mobile device.  

  • May I still print my tickets at home?

    Yes. If you are more comfortable with printing your tickets or you don't have access to a mobile device or smartphone, you may print your tickets from your Theatre Calgary account and present them to our Front of House staff for scanning.  

  • Can I exchange my mobile tickets?

    Yes, absolutely. Mobile tickets function the same way as physical tickets.  You may submit a Ticket Exchange request via your Theatre Calgary account (just click the Ticket Exchange button and fill out the details!) or call our Box Office team at 403.294.7447,  Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. MT.  

    Be sure to include the new dates that you are interested as well as your Exchange Code (if you are within the seven (7) day window before your performance).

  • May I receive physical tickets instead of mobile tickets?

    Yes, you may still receive physical tickets.  If you are purchasing through our Box Office, please advise the Box Office Associate that you would prefer physical tickets be sent out to you. 

    If you are purchasing online, you will need to change your delivery method from Mobile Friendly Ticketing to Standard Mail.  On the Payment screen, you will have the opportunity to update your delivery method. 

    You should receive your physical tickets approximately ten (10) days after your order has been processed.  

  • I may arrive at a different time to the theatre than the rest of my party. Can I transfer their tickets to the rest of my party?

    Unfortunately, a mobile ticket transfer function between accounts or email address is not yet available .  If you anticipate arriving at a different time than the rest of your party, you may want to opt for physical tickets instead. Alternatively, you may ask our Box Office Staff to re-print the rest of your party's tickets and leave them for pick up at the Box Office.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your mobile tickets are reprinted as physical tickets, this will null and void the mobile tickets. 

  • How do I display my mobile tickets for scanning at the performance?

    Bring your smartphone or mobile device with access to Wi-Fi or a data plan, and a web browser to your scheduled performance. Then, visit  your Theatre Calgary account and log in to access your tickets for the performance.  Our Front of House staff will assist you in scanning your tickets at each entrance.

  • What if my smartphone or mobile device is out of power or can not access my Theatre Calgary account?

    Visit our Box Office when you arrive at the Max Bell Theatre. Our Box Office staff will be happy to print your traditional paper tickets for the performance.