October 23 - November 17, 2001

Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare

The Greatest Love Story of all time. 

Four hundred years ago they died for their love. Shakespeare's timeless tale centers on a pair of young lovers cursed by the rivalry of their warring families-the Montagues and Capulets. An impassioned look at prejudice, Romeo & Juliet captures the beauty and violence of a youthful passion.

First produced in 1593, Romeo   Juliet is the only tragedy that Shakespeare has written entirely on a love-story. The ultimate joy of this play lies in our awareness that such vibrant youthful love can neither be suppressed nor denied; it will survive. The ultimate sorrow of this play lies in our painful awareness that the human beings who together create this love will never live to enjoy it.


Cast & Creative Team
For Romeo & Juliet

  • Skye Brandon
    Servant, Musician, Watch
  • Chris Bullough
    Gregory, Servant, Watch, Musician
  • Christopher Hunt
  • Pamela Johnson
    Lady Capulet
  • Harry Judge
    Benvolio, Friar John
  • John Kirkpatrick
    Tybalt, Friar Lawrence
  • Kevin Kruchkywich
  • Duval Lang
  • C. Adam Leigh
    Abram, Servant, Musician, Watch
  • Ryan Luhning
    Mercutio, Paris
  • Douglas MacLeod
    Montague, Cousin Capulet, Apothecary
  • Gerald Matthews
    Prince Escalus
  • Karen Planden
    Lady Montague, Page
  • Severn Thompson
  • Stephanie Wolfe
    Nurse, Balthazar
  • More Cast & Crew