November 23 - December 23, 2007

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Jerry Patch

Artistic Director's Notes

Last year, when I began to direct an all new version of A Christmas Carol I had no idea what a truly special place this play held in the lives of the people of Calgary. I have since enjoyed talking with our audiences about the changes we have made in the creation of this new version. I marveled and appreciated that people could recite or remind me of the details of the previous production and how it had affected them. I was humbled by our audience's true devotion to what we do.

With this version of A Christmas Carol I have focused my thoughts around the struggle of Mr. Scrooge. How is it he has turned so cold and unfeeling to others? And how magical and wondrous that his old companion Marley, back from the grave, would visit our Mr. Scrooge to warn him to live a better life on this earth. How magnificent that every holiday season we are reminded of the great possibilities within ourselves.

This year, as we started to rehearse with the company of actors and unpack the scenery that had been stored, I got the strangest feeling. It felt like being home. I too am now part of this tradition. Could it be that the magic spell of this production has invited me in? It certainly feels that way. 

Welcome to our grand tradition - Theatre Calgary's A Christmas Carol,

- Dennis Garnhum, Artistic Director

Cast & Creative Team
For A Christmas Carol

  • Maddie Duke
  • Sam Duke
    Tiny TIm
  • Christopher Duthie
    Young Ebenezer
  • Tony Eyamie
    Old Joe, Fezziwig
  • Steele Gibson
  • Christian Goutsis
    Christmas Past, Solicitor
  • Stephen Hair
    Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Vanessa Holmes
  • Cheryl Hutton
    Toy Vendor
  • Brian Jensen
  • Rachael V. Johnston
    Mrs. Cratchit
  • Kathryn Kerbes
    Mrs. Fezziwig
  • Elizabeth Kirkland
  • Gerald Matthews
    Marley, Christmas Future
  • Eve Middleton-Meyer
  • More Cast & Crew