January 31 - February 19, 2012

Canadian Premiere


By Lucy Prebble

"How can something be worth a million dollars in the morning and nothing in the afternoon?"

One of the most infamous scandals in financial history unfolds in a wild ride that’s almost too outrageous to believe – and yet it’s true. Combining modern multimedia, vaudevillian comedy and classical tragedy, it’s the Canadian premiere that proves a penny earned sometimes isn’t worth a cent.

Cast & Creative Team
For Enron

  • Graham Abbey
    Jeffrey Skilling
  • Erin Breen
    Reporter, Ensemble
  • Tyrell Crews
    Trader, Ensemble
  • Barry Flatman
    Ken Lay
  • Vanessa Holmes
    Employee, Ensemble
  • Haysam Kadri
    Lawyer, Ensemble
  • Kathryn Kerbes
    Sheryl Sloman, Ensemble
  • Doug McKeag
    Senator, Ensemble
  • Stafford Perry
    Trader, Ensemble, Dance Captain
  • Karl H. Sine
    Arthur Andersen, Ensemble
  • Rylan Wilkie
    Andy Fastow
  • Brigit Wilson
    Claudia Roe
  • Antoni Cimolino
  • Bretta Gerecke
    Set & Costume Design
  • Kevin Lamotte
    Lighting Design
  • More Cast & Crew