Linsey Angell and Byron Allen in Liberation Days Trudie Lee

October 14 - November 9, 2014

World Premiere

Liberation Days

By David van Belle

"We thought everything would go back to normal. But it didn't"

After years of terror and suffering under German occupation in WWII, the Netherlands has been liberated by Canadian forces. In the days that follow, liberation doesn't seem like freedom. A young Dutch woman and a Canadian soldier create a new world together as a community discovers what remains of their old lives, and what's been lost forever. 

★★★★ It’s powerful, sweet, poignant and often surprisingly funny. For some, the resolution may seem a little too cheery and abrupt. But, like the play itself, the final scenes exude a gentleness that seems undeniably Canadian.

Cast & Creative Team
For Liberation Days

  • Byron Allen
    Alex King, Fight Captain
  • Lindsey Angell
    Emma de Bruijn
  • Kelsey Gilker
    Marijke Bos
  • Duval Lang
    Dominee herman van Egmond
  • Valerie Planche
    Aaltje de Bruijn
  • Garett Ross
    Miles Cavendish
  • Jonathan Seinen
    Jan van Egmond
  • Daryl Cloran
  • David van Belle
  • Cory Sincennes
    Set & Costume Design
  • Gerald King
    Lighting Design
  • Jamie Nesbitt
    Projection Design
  • Jonathan Lewis
    Original Music & Sound Design
  • Shari Wattling
  • Jane MacFarlane
    Vocal Coach
  • More Cast & Crew