David Sklar, Bobbi Goddard, Jeremy Ferdman & Katharine Zaborksy in Bad Jews
David Sklar, Bobbi Goddard, Jeremy Ferdman & Katharine Zaborksy in Bad Jews Photo by Trudie Lee

March 15 - April 10, 2016

Bad Jews

When three young Jewish cousins are forced to bunk together in an apartment after the death of their grand-father, the result is a wickedly funny and ferocious brawl over religious tradition and family legacy. One of the hottest plays in recent years will have audiences laughing and talking long after the play is over.

The first time I read this play, I started out laughing in fits of giggles. Then I gasped in shock at some of the ideas. And in the end, I cried. This is one of the most honest perspectives you will get about being Jewish today. And in fact, this grieving family could be any family anywhere. Vital viewing.
- Dennis

Extend Your Experience

Join us in conversation after each performance of Bad Jews  to discuss the play with members of our artistic staff and artists from the production. These talks will take place in the main lobby immediately after the show (excluding the gala opening performance on Friday, March 18).

Take advantage of our pre-order service at the bar to enjoy a post-show beverage during this conversation.

Click here to learn more about Bad Jews and playwright Joshua Harmon.

Roaringly funny.
Rodrigo Flores - Joyful Magpies
An exceptional production…a provocative debate on the value of faith and heritage.
Louis B. Hobson - The Calgary Herald

Cast & Creative Team
For Bad Jews

  • Joshua Harmon
  • Jeremy Ferdman
    Liam Haber
  • Bobbi Goddard
    Daphna Feygenbaum
  • David Sklar
    Jonah Haber
  • Katharine Zaborsky
  • Valerie Planche
  • Cory Sincennes
    Set, Costume, & Lighting Design
  • Zachary Moull
  • Jane MacFarlane
    Vocal Coach
  • Patti Neice
    Stage Manager
  • Carissa Sams
    Assistant Stage Manager