January 24 - February 18, 2017

Seana McKenna in

The Audience

by Peter Morgan

For sixty years Queen Elizabeth II has held a private weekly meeting with each of her many Prime Ministers. Politicians have come and gone, but she has remained a constant. Through this riveting drama, we get a glimpse of the woman behind the crown and what it’s like to be one of the most famous, and yet most private people in the world. Expect visits from Churchill, Cameron, and Thatcher, among others. Elegant, majestic, and highly illuminating. 

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Cast & Creative Team
For The Audience

  • Seana McKenna
    Queen Elizabeth II
  • Patrick Creery
    David Cameron
  • Ian Deakin
    Winston Churchill
  • Kelli Fox
    Margaret Thatcher
  • Lesley Galbecka
    Bobo MacDonald
  • Stephen Hair
    Anthony Eden
  • Christopher Hunt
  • Declan O'Reilly
    Gordon Brown
  • Graham Percy
    Harold Wilson
  • Zasha Rabie
    Young Elizabeth
  • Kevin Rothery
    John Major
  • Trevor Rueger
    Tony Blair
  • Miles Potter
  • Patrick Clark
    Set & Costume Design
  • Kevin Fraser
    Lighting Design
  • More Cast & Crew