2018-19 Season

"Through stories that are rich in discoveries, this season is a collection of works that I hope will open your eyes to that tenacious and effervescent spirit that lives within us all.

With three World Premieres being launched on our stage, Theatre Calgary subscribers and audiences get the privilege of experiencing a never-before-seen play, musical and solo multimedia performance. By being bold and adventurous in our programming, and by introducing new voices, I believe this season will inspire, enlighten and entertain."

- STAFFORD ARIMA, Artistic Director

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"There's a flood of human warmth and compassion in anything Tara Beagan creates. If you want theatre with heart, Beagan's a sure bet." - Now Magazine

Two grown sisters face off over their mother's death-bed. Together they confront one another, their own identities, and what will remain when their mom leaves this world. A contemporary look at the significance of faith and family - this play will leave you laughing through your tears as these women grapple with one of life's most difficult inevitabilities. Internationally acclaimed Calgary-based playwright Tara Beagan brings her distinct voice to Theatre Calgary for the first time, directed by film and TV favourite Michelle Thrush.

"Family is universal, and the complex stories of family have been told by generations throughout the decades. Honour Beat is a touching and humorous play that reminds us that relationships within families are fragile, forgiving, and most importantly, resilient." - Stafford

Set and Projections Andy Moro · Costumes Jeff Chief · Lighting Patrick Beagan · Composer and Vocals Pura Fé ·
Sound Design Deanna Choi

"A moving celebration of oddness and friendship." - Film Review, Time Out London

Based on an Australian claymation film about two unlikely pen pals, which screened in 2009 at the Calgary International Film Festival, Mary and Max  is a hilarious and heartening tale that proves friendship can be found in the most unexpected of places. Join lonely 10-year-old Mary from Melbourne as she writes her way into the life of Max, a 44-year-old man with Asperger’s Syndrome in New York City. With quirky melodies and heartfelt dialogue, their friendship is one you’ll never forget.

"I love musicals – especially original works that have never been seen before! Mary and Max is a story of unpredictable friendship, self-awareness, and happy accidents. This new musical brings a smile to my face and warms my heart." - Stafford

Orchestrations and Music Supervisor Anna Ebbesen · Set and Costumes Bretta Gerecke · Projections Sean Nieuwenhuis · Sound Peter McBoyle

Theatre Calgary gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Broadway Dreams


"Essentially, I think Rick Miller deserves his own word: ‘Amusicamagicamazing." - montrealtheatrehub.com

Rick Miller returns to Theatre Calgary after his sold out run of BOOM in 2016 with the world premiere of BOOM X ! Picking up where BOOM left off at Woodstock in ’69, Rick time travels by way of multimedia up to 1995. Some classic BOOM characters reappear (Elvis gets fat, Lennon gets shot, and Reagan gets elected), but the focus moves from his mother to his own story. The production follows Generation X as they navigate the tangled legacy of the baby boom.

"I invited Rick Miller to return to Calgary so he could premiere his “Act 2” of the immensely popular BOOM. Thankfully, he accepted my invitation and has created a brand new piece entitled BOOM X – a multimedia, one-man show that takes us into the fascinating world of Generation X." - Stafford

Executive Producer Jeff Lord · Multimedia Irina Litvinenko · Projection Nicolas Dostie · Lighting Bruno Matte · Composer and Sound Creighton Doane · Set, Costumes and Props Virginie Leclerc


"Exhilarating and daringly original." - New York Law Journal

 It is 1642 and Hester Prynne has been branded an adulterer by her Puritan village and forced to wear the titular scarlet letter as repentance. However, in this modern adaptation, Hester is unashamed of her actions and proudly subverts society’s rigid standards put upon women to be virtuous and “good.” Today, as we continue to grapple with these expectations, Hester’s story resonates all the more.

"This adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel is a breathtaking piece of playwriting. I love Academy Award nominee Phyllis Nagy’s interpretation of this universal tale of Hester Prynne and her red letter “A.” As female morality is sadly still questioned in certain parts of the world, I find this play to be strikingly relevant." - Stafford

Set and Costumes Judith Bowden · Lighting Harry Frehner

The Scarlet Letter is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH INC.


"Billy Elliot The Musical is, quite simply, unmissable." - Express & Star

This Tony Award-winning musical is an inspiring and moving tale about the importance of following your heart. Set in working-class England, young Billy dreams of trading in his boxing gloves for ballet slippers, but his widowed father cannot understand his passion. A celebration of Calgary’s local talent, this rendition of Billy Elliot The Musical will be choreographed by former Alberta Ballet principal dancer Yukichi Hattori, helmed by Artistic Director Stafford Arima, and will feature the best and brightest of Calgary’s dance community.

"Billy Elliot The Musical is pure magic. This heartfelt and undeniably entertaining musical, by music legend Elton John, makes me laugh, cry, and beam with joy. Billy is a courageous young boy who takes a leap of faith and, against all odds, defies expectations. This tale is a compelling reminder to live one’s dream and be proud of who you are!" - Stafford

Originally directed in London by Stephen Daldry · Orchestrations by Martin Koch · Executive Producers (Original London Production) Angela Morrison David Furnish · Producers (Original London Production) Tim Bevan Eric Fellner Jon Finn Sally Greene · Originally presented in London by Universal Pictures Stage Productions, Working Title Films, Old Vic Productions in association with Tiger Productions · Based on the Universal Pictures/Studio Canal Film

Set and Projections Scott Reid · Costumes Cory Sincennes · Lighting Alan Brodie · Sound Joshua D. Reid



Celebrate Alberta’s emerging artists this summer with Theatre Calgary’s Shakespeare by the Bow! Known as Shakespeare’s first comedy, The Two Gentlemen of Verona tells the tale of friendship between best pals Proteus and Valentine who fall in and out of bromance over and over again. Join us in idyllic Prince’s Island Park for this silly comedy featuring adventure, outlaws, and even a dog!

"How fitting for a talented group of emerging artists to take on Shakespeare’s earliest comedy – for he too was once an emerging artist – about mistaken identities, loyalty, and friendship between best friends." - Stafford

Designed by Deitra Kalyn





“For many Calgarians, Stephen Hair is the face of Christmas." - Avenue Magazine

Celebrating 32 years of spirited tradition! Join the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future as they take Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey through time from darkness to light. Th is year, there is all the more reason to rejoice as Stephen Hair marks his inspiring 25th season playing the man behind the hum-bug. Celebrate the festive season with Theatre Calgary!

"Keeping the “Christmas Carol” tradition alive was deeply important to me. When I discovered that this would be Stephen’s 25th anniversary of playing Scrooge, I knew we had to celebrate his legendary performance in Charles Dickens' timeless tale." - Stafford

Set & Costume Design Patrick Clark · Lighting Design Kevin Lamotte · Composer Jeremy Spencer · Music & Vocal Director Allison Lynch · Sound Design Chris Jacko · Production Dramaturg Shari Wattling · Fight Director, Fight Captain Karl H. Sine · Choreographer Anita Miotti · Skating Choreographers Andrea St. Cyr, Monique Wasmann · Dance Captain Jamie Konchak · Assistant Fight Director Zakk Macdonald · Voice & Dialect Coach Jane MacFarlane