Photo by Irina Litvinenko

January 15 - February 9, 2019

Kidoons in association with Theatre Calgary and
The 20K Collective presents the World Premiere of


Written, Directed and Performed by Rick Miller

Rick Miller returns to Theatre Calgary after his sold out run of BOOM in 2016 with the world premiere of BOOM X! Picking up where BOOM left off at Woodstock in ’69, Rick time travels by way of multimedia up to 1995. Some classic BOOM characters reappear (Elvis gets fat, Lennon gets shot, and Reagan gets elected), but the focus moves from his mother to his own story. The production follows Generation X as they navigate the tangled legacy of the baby boom.

I invited Rick Miller to return to Calgary so he could premiere his “Act 2” of the immensely popular BOOM. Thankfully, he accepted my invitation and has created a brand new piece entitled BOOM X – a multimedia, one-man show that takes us into the fascinating world of Generation X.
- Stafford Arima

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BOOM X at Theatre Calgary is a marvellous mashup of media, verbatim theatre, jukebox musical and autobiographical confession.
BOOM X is a multimedia showcase of Rick Miller's incredibly unique ability to bring all this pop culture to life, and it's all live onstage.

Cast & Creative Team

  • Rick Miller
    Writer, Director, Performer
  • Bruno Matte
    Lighting Design
  • Nicolas Dostie
    Projection Design
  • Virginie Leclerc
    Costume, Props Design
  • Irina Litvinenko
    Multimedia Design
  • Craig Francis
    Stage Manager (Jan. 15-18), Dramaturg
  • Laurel Oneil
    Stage Manager (Jan. 19 - Feb. 9)