Justin Lanouette & Bryson Wiese Trudie Lee

June 29 - August 19, 2018

Shakespeare by the Bow

The Two Gentlemen
of Verona

By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Dean Paul Gibson and Jenna Turk
Directed by Dean Paul Gibson

Celebrate Alberta’s emerging artists this summer with Theatre Calgary’s Shakespeare by the Bow! Known as Shakespeare’s first comedy, The Two Gentlemen of Verona tells the tale of friendship between best pals Proteus and Valentine who fall in and out of bromance over and over again. Join us in idyllic Prince’s Island Park for this silly comedy featuring adventure, outlaws, and even a dog!

How fitting for a talented group of emerging artists to take on Shakespeare’s earliest comedy – for he too was once an emerging artist – about mistaken identities, loyalty, and friendship between best friends.
- Stafford Arima

Shakespeare by the Bow takes place in Prince's Island Park. See the map below for details:

Cast & Creative Team
For The Two Gentlemen of Verona

  • Billy Brown
  • Alex Cherovsky
    Launce, Duke
  • Emily Howard
    Lucetta, Outlaw
  • Justin Lanouette
  • Shannon Murphy
  • Robyn Ord
    Antonio, Outlaw
  • Michael Rolfe
  • Nina Solberg
  • Connor Suart
  • Marshall Vielle (Natay'ao'tako)
    Panthina, Outlaw
  • Bryson Wiese
  • Kiana Woo
    Ursula, Outlaw
  • Dharma
  • Jasper
  • Dean Paul Gibson *
    Director, Adaptation
  • More Cast & Crew