Our Team


STAFFORD ARIMA                COLLEEN A. SMITH                  SHARI WATTLING
Artistic Director                    Executive Director                  Interim Artistic Director 
ext. 1354  email                    ext. 1022                                     ext. 1062  email


KRISTEN DION Director of Finance & Administration ext. 1059  email
BRENT FALK Accountant ext. 1034 email
TAMMIE RIZZO Accountant ext. 1081 email
JOCELYN PHU Executive Assistant, Government Relations Coordinator ext. 1012 email


LESLEY MACMILLAN Producer ext. 1052 email
SUSAN MCNAIR REID Company Manager ext. 1053 email
JENNA TURK Artistic Associate ext. 1342 email
JANE MACFARLANE Resident Voice Coach   email


CHRISTOPHER LOACH Director of Communications ext. 1309 email
LISA MACKAY Director of Marketing & Audience Development ext. 1068 email
KRISTINE ASTOP Audience Services & System Manager ext. 1319 email
TRYPHENA FRIC Advertising & Promotions Manager ext. 1344 email
SARAH LAMOUREUX Digital Communications Manager ext. 1064 email
VIRGINIA REMPEL Audience Services Supervisor ext. 1048 email
JENNIFER KINCH Audience Services & System Administrator ext. 1066 email
ALIXE EDWARDS Audience Services Associate ext. 1391 email
JAMIE TYMCHUK Audience Services Associate ext. 1060 email


TRISH MATHESON Director of Development 403-294-7419 email
SHIRLEY YURCHI Manager of Individual & Planned Giving ext. 1002 email
RONALD PETERS Business Development ext. 1020 email
SARAH HUGHES Senior Development Associate ext. 1056 email
JASMINE ASLAN Development Associate, Events & Stewardship ext. 1055 email
CIANI MUZA Development and Office Coordinator ext. 1054 email
ROSEMARIE JOHNSTON Bingo Volunteer Coordinator 403-998-2712  


LEE BOOTH Front of House Manager ext. 1072 email
KIRSTIE GALLANT Bar & Guest Services Coordinator ext. 1014 email
NORM COOK Front of House Volunteer & Guest Sevices Coordinator ext. 1072 email


CHRIS STOCKTON Senior Manager of Learning & Engagement ext. 1122 email
JENNIFER TAYLOR Learning and Engagement Apprentice ext. 1065 email


AMELIA MARIE NEWBERT Production and Operations Manager ext. 1043  
ADAM SCHRADER Technical Director ext. 1004 email
GRAHAM KINGSLEY Assistant Technical Director ext. 1061 email
CATHARINE CRUMB Head of Lighting ext. 1049 email
CHRIS JACKO Head of Sound ext. 1050 email
MICHELLE LATTA Head of Wardrobe ext. 1313 email
LILLIAN MESSER Head of Props ext. 1305 email
SCOTT MORRIS Head Stage Carpenter ext. 1045 email
Head Scenic Carpenters ext. 7412 email
RON SIEGMUND Wardrobe & Wig Master ext. 1003 email
THEATRE CALGARY STAGE MANAGERS - Crazy for You ext. 1073 email