FUSE: THE ENBRIDGE NEW PLAY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is dedicated to the development of new original scripts and adaptations that have potential for production on the Theatre Calgary stage. We invite you to play a key role in the development process through free public reading presentations. Your feedback can have a dramatic effect on the creative direction of these new works. 

Plays developed through FUSE and premiered at Theatre Calgary include Timothy Findley’s The Wars, W.O. Mitchell’s Jake and the Kid, Beyond Eden, Lost – A Memoir, A Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice, and Liberation Days. Come be a part of Theatre Calgary’s future!

Projects in developed through FUSE 2016:


By Sharon Pollock

The public reading of this play took place on June 17th, 2016.

For one Calgary family, the flood of 2013 threatens to wash away more than their home. As the water rises around them, the past and present flow through their lives with a force that will pull them apart or carry them toward a new future together.



By Trina Davies

The public reading of this play took place on June 23rd, 2016.

Alexander Graham Bell connected people around the world by inventing the telephone. But it was little use to his wife, Mabel, who was completely deaf. A beautiful love story about how we truly communicate. This script was commissioned as part of the 2017 Canada Plays project. 



Script Submission Policy

We make every effort to stay informed about professional playwrights along with plays in production and development across the country. Script submissions are accepted from literary agents, literary managers, play-development centres, artistic directors and playwrights with work familiar to our artistic staff. We do not respond to unsolicited scripts.

To propose a script submission for production consideration or creative development, please send the following information:
•    A one-paragraph synopsis of the play
•    Background about its development or production to date
•    A cast breakdown
•    Bios of the playwright(s), and key creative collaborators (if applicable)
•    If available, a short excerpt from the script (10 pages max.)
•    Musical projects should also include a CD or online source for selected songs

If we are interested in further information, a full length script will be requested upon review of these materials.

Scripts and development proposals will not receive dramaturgical feedback.  Due to the high volume of scripts received and amount of activity during our production season, response time can take several months.

For all script submissions and play development inquiries, please contact Jenna Turk, Artistic Associate, at 403-294-7440 ext. 1342, or email.


Plays premiered at Theatre Calgary that were developed as part of FUSE:

Timothy Findley’s The Wars, adapted by Dennis Garnhum, FUSE 2006, 2007

Skydive by Kevin Kerr (revised production), FUSE 2008

W.O. Mitchell’s Jake & The Kid, by Conni Massing, FUSE 2007, 2008

Beyond Eden, by Bruce Ruddell, FUSE 2008

LOST – A Memoir, adapted for the stage by Cathy Ostlere and Dennis Garnhum, FUSE 2009, 2010

Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Janet Munsil, FUSE 2012

Liberation Days, by David van Belle, FUSE 2013, 2014