Shakespeare by the Bow

Natasha Alexandra Strickey in Hamlet Trudie Lee

For show and performance information for 2019's A Midsummer Night's Dream, click here.

Shakespeare in Prince’s Island Park has a long and treasured history in our city. Theatre Calgary’s Shakespeare by the Bow gives all Calgarians an opportunity to enjoy theatre in this gorgeous natural setting throughout the summer. As Calgary’s largest and longest-running theatre company, we have a responsibility to nurture the up-and-coming artists who will grace our stages in future years. That’s why Theatre Calgary established this innovative program for recent graduates from post-secondary theatre training programs. All of the actors are Alberta residents embarking on the first stage of their professional careers. As we have for the past five years, Theatre Calgary uses professional expertise to mentor, celebrate and encourage the next generation of theatre artists.

Participants in Shakespeare by the Bow gain practical knowledge and production experience by working with one of Canada’s leading directors and a professional production team to present a Shakespeare play. The program also features a team of mentors and coaches providing instruction in classical text, voice, speech, and other theatre skills and techniques. Many of our Shakespeare by the Bow alumni have also moved on to perform in our main stage productions including in Bad Jews, The Crucible, King Lear, and Liberation Days.