TC Mentors

Designer Cameron Porteous and mentee Skylar Desjardins

TC Mentors

TC Mentors gives artists on-the-job training and acts as a link between independent theatre practices and the established theatre world. Mentees may be emerging artists or more experienced artists who desire the knowledge of working in an ‘A’ house.  

"TC Mentors placements will exist throughout our organization with opportunities available in production as well as administration. Since mentorship was an integral ingredient in the development of my career, I am thrilled to offer this program. TC Mentors aims to contribute to Calgary’s theatrical ecosystem as a whole." - Stafford Arima

The 2019-20 applications are now open!

Please submit your application by Friday, May 3, 2019. MST.

For more information on TC Mentors, please email Jenna Turk, Artistic Associate.

Please note our TC Mentors’ production-based mentorships have taken the place of our Assistant stream. So if you were interested in being an Assistant Director or Assistant Lighting Designer, etc. this would be how you would go about doing that. You must apply for this program.

The 2018-19 Theatre Calgary season provided mentorship opportunities for the following 9 mentees:

Imajyn Cardinal in Set & Projection Design under Andy Morro on Honour Beat
Andrew Cooper  in Directing under Stafford Arima on Mary and Max 
Alixandra Cowman in Sound Design under Allison Lynch on The Scarlet Letter
Alexa Elser in Voice & Dialect Coaching under Jane MacFarlane
Armin Karame in Development under Sarah Hughes
Jay Northcott in Directing under Micheline Chevrier on The Scarlet Letter 
Kyle Schulte in Company Management under Susan McNair Reid
Julie Tomaino in Directing under Stafford Arima on Billy Elliot 
Sarah Wheeldon in Music Direction under Anna Ebbesen on Mary and Max

Thank you so much to our mentors for donating their time!

Please note: this is not a job, but a learning opportunity. The amount of the involvement of the mentorship will be determined by the mentor.