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Hey there Moms and Dads, are you planning a date night to watch Romeo & Juliet but wondering what to do with the kids? 

Parenting in 2020 can be a bit much... so we created this list of activities to keep the little ones entertained while you see the show this week! (or any other time you need a little... me-time). With two performances remaining (July 22 & 25) time is running out to catch our live and online adaptation for Shakespeare by the Bow! 

1. Make some masquerade masks

You know that moment where Romeo sees Juliet across the room at the party where they first meet? In the original script for the show, this instance of pure awe and wonder happens in the middle of a masquerade ball. While our masks look a little different on the show, we love the idea of paying homage to this scene with some DIY classic masquerade attire. 

Fun fact: this style of mask originated in Italy in the 16th century, how fitting!

Learn how to make a mask

2. Level-up their writing or colouring with quill power

It doesn't matter if your kid likes to colour inside the lines or outside of them, doing it with a quill just feels fancier. Adding some Shakespearean flare is as easy as cutting out the colouring sheet linked below and attaching it to their favourite writing or colouring utensil. #QuillingIt

Download the colouring sheet

3. To__ or not to __ , that is the question. 

We know it's summertime and learning "iambic pentameter" is not at the top of any kid's list. Still it doesn't hurt to try and massage those language skills with everyone's favourite style of word game, mad libs! Hide the cauliflower in their linguistic pizza and download the Shakespearean word game by clicking the link below.

Download Shakespearean Mad Libs

4. And the kids keep searchin'... searchin'...

Did the mad libs fall short? Maybe some Shakespearean word searches will do the trick! 

download the word search

5. Romeo & Juliet... with puppets!

From the swoon-worthy 1990s classic movie Romeo + Juliet, to our version for the times we are living in right now, Shakespeare's classic love story has seen it's fair share of adaptations. While the themes and subjects of the original play are a little more adult-oriented, we've found a version that has been made especially for kids. And who doesn't love puppets?

Watch the puppet version

While the little ones entertain themselves, we hope you get to enjoy an hour of watching the love story of Romeo & Juliet unfold!

Reimagined to keep a 32 year summer tradition alive, our Shakespeare by the Bow production of Romeo & Juliet features Alberta's brightest emerging talents as they take on one of the most famous love stories of all time.

See their courtship come to life from the comfort of your own home live and online every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 pm MT until July 25.

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