A Christmas Carol Junior Reporters: Part One

A Christmas Carol  is a longstanding tradition in the holiday fabric of Calgary, and for many young people one of the first opportunities to see a large theatrical production. This year, we wanted to experience the magic and wonder of live theatre through the eyes of a child, so for the first time in 29 years of spirited tradition, we introduced our Junior Reporter initiative. This was an opportunity for young, budding writers aged 8-12 to answer a few questions about the show and the spirit of Christmas for a chance to have a unique Christmas Carol experience. Our lucky winners got to share in the tradition of A Christmas Carol  with a cherished family member, enjoy VIP treatment in our W.O. Mitchell room, and had their photo taken on stage with members of the cast. In exchange, each reporter wrote us a short review of their experience that we're excited to share with you.

Here are the first two reviews:

Christmas lessons every kid should learn

by Kate, Grade 4

A lot of kids think that Christmas is about presents, but the play will teach children that Christmas is not about presents, but about being happy and giving.

I liked when the Spirit of Christmas Past entered off the top of the bed, and I thought that it was cool when after the intermission, the Spirit of Christmas Present  looked older then before the intermission. The Spirit of Christmas Future is very tall and does not speak.

I thought it was amazing how they could change scenes so quickly. For example, how they changed from the 1st scene to the workshop to the door of the house to the bedroom. My most special memory is when Scrooge  flew in the window with the Spirit of Christmas Past. 

After seeing A Christmas Carol, it confirmed to me that the true spirit of Christmas is giving, not receiving.   

Thank you for this opportunity, I enjoyed it so much.

A Christmas Carol  Review

by Greta, Grade 7

Theatre Calgary’s A Christmas Carol was such an elaborate experience. The bright colours and messages that brought the play together make you feel excited and overjoyed.

As the curtains drew open at 2:00 a feeling of joy came over me. Excitement swept the crowd and the feeling just grew and grew as the show went on.

The crowd of all ages was in awe as Ebenezer Scrooge (played for the 23rd season by Stephen Hair) finished his final speech before the curtains drew once more but this time to finish this amazing experience.

I loved cast member Braden Griffiths who played Fred, Scrooge’s nephew. He just filled our hearts with happiness and brought the great message to never give up on family. He continued to ask Scrooge to come to his house even though Scrooge grumpily declines.

Along with Fred, everyone in the audience seemed to love the Spirit of Christmas Past (played by Allison Lynch). Her outfit was so beautiful and fit right in with her angel-like character.

The thought that first crosses my mind when I think back to day I saw A Christmas Carol is about the detailed stage pieces and how excited I was to be watching this play.

A Christmas Carol is such amazing play and the cast did such a great job getting into character and explaining the story by Charles Dickens.

The stage pieces made the story come to life. My favorite piece was Scrooge’s bed that has a little surprise! If you go to watch the play you will find all the surprises that makes this play unique!


*Photos by Meghan McMaster. Cast members photographed include: Karl H. Sine, Paula Humby, Julie Orton, and Braden Griffiths.