A Special Reserved Seat

The seat reserved for Trey Anthony's Grandmother

Playwright and actor Trey Anthony’s grandmother has a special place in the heart and history of ‘da Kink in my Hair. As the play grew from a small stage at the Toronto Fringe Festival, to the Mirvish production at the Princess of Wales Theatre, her grandmother would sit beaming in the front row as the play’s biggest fan. Her enthusiasm and love for the play would often result in her calling out the proper lines whenever an actor would veer from the script!

Trey’s grandmother, Maude Enid Fraser, passed away two years ago. In honour of her unwavering love and support, Theatre Calgary’s Artistic Champions Craig and Cara Senyk graciously purchased the seat she would have sat in, in the front row. In her memory, it has remained empty for the entire four-week run.

When I heard about the generous donation of this seat by Craig and Cara Senyk, it brought me to tears. I had a very close, loving and yet very complicated relationship with my grandmother. She was my biggest supporter, yet also my harshest critic...

Her love of the arts and her belief in me, greatly shaped me. Since her passing, whenever I do the show I look for her, and seek her energy in the crowd. I desperately seek her approval. I miss her laughter. Miss her face beaming in the front row. She may not physically be here, but I have no doubt that her spirit is here...I feel her.

Gran, I hope I make you proud!

– Trey Anthony

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