QUIZ: What "Sister" Are You?










Are you the life of the party? Do you prefer a pair of sensible shoes for a night out? Try this quiz to find out which one of the "Belles Soeurs" you are!

How would you describe yourself?

A. Fortunate
B. Frustrated
C. Fun
D. Fatigued

Who is your personal saint?

A. St. Thérèse (patron saint of florists, aviators and missionaries. The saint to whom Germaine makes all her oaths)
B. St. Anthony of Padua (patron saint of those seeking lost items or people, nomadic travelers, brush makers, and women seeking husbands)
C. St. Amand (patron saint of bartenders, brewers, innkeepers, merchants, vine-growers and vintners)
D. St. Mary Magdalene (patron saint of tanners, hairdressers, pharmacists and prostitutes)

Choose a lawn-chair


















How would your friends describe you?

A. Selfish
B. Redeemed
C. Troubled
D. Scandalous

Would you say you’re the life of the party?

A. When I’m getting the attention I deserve, yes.
B. No, but I do like to stir things up occasionally.
C. Not really, but I do love to attend parties.
D. Absolutely.

Do you believe you should sometimes sacrifice your own comfort for that of your family?

A. Yes, I do everything for my family, and they know it, too.
B. If I have to.
C. I shouldn’t have to.
D. Never!

How do you live your life?

A. With virtue and humility.
B. I mostly keep my head down and try to live as well as I can.
C. I want more from my life! I’m constantly up against limitations.
D. I live my life how I want.

Choose a pair of shoes

















How would your mom describe you?

A. A good girl. Maybe a little self-centred.
B. I was worried about her for a minute, but now she’s living life right.
C. I don’t know what to do with that girl! She’s impossible to understand.
D. I don’t know where I went wrong! I wash my hands of her.

Do you have any regrets?

A. I regret that things didn’t get better for me sooner.
B. I regret that I gave in to peer pressure.
C. I regret that I’m not braver.
D. I regret wasting my hopes on another person.

Do you believe that partying leads to negative consequences?

A. Absolutely.
B. Sometimes.
C. It’s harmless and fun.
D. It can if you’re not smart about it.

Choose an accessory



















If you answered: 

Mostly As

Germaine Lauzon: Devout, Conservative, Self-Involved

Mostly Bs

Rose Ouimet: Confined, Sharp, Sarcastic

Mostly Cs

Linda Lauzon: Rebellious, Stifled, Resentful

Mostly Ds

Pierrette Guérin: Worldly, Scandalous, Regretful

Mostly As and Bs

Des-Neiges Verrette: Reserved, Proper, Romantic

Mostly Bs and Ds

Marie-Ange Brouillette: Bitter, Jealous, Cunning

Mostly As and Ds

Lisette De Courval: Haughty, Bored, Aloof

Mostly Bs and Cs

Angéline Sauvé: Restless, Complicit, Dissatisfied