Theatre Calgary Annual General Meeting 2018

Take notice that the Annual General Meetings of the members of
the Theatre Calgary Society
and the Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation
will be held on:
Monday, September 17, 2018, 6:30 pm
Arts Commons Max Bell Theatre lobby (220 9th Ave. SE, Calgary, AB)

1. Receiving the audited financial statements of each of the Society and the Foundation, and the Annual Report of the Directors of each of the Society and the Foundation, for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2018;
2. Electing Directors for the ensuing year (set at a maximum of 28 for the Society, and 12 for the Foundation);
3. For each of the Society and the Foundation, authorizing the respective Board to appoint auditors for the next fiscal year and fix their renumeration; and
4. At the General Meeting for the Foundation, approving a Special Resolution to replace the current Foundation By-Laws with modern By-Laws approved by the Board of Directors that reflect current best practices, the full text of which can be found at

All members are welcome to attend. Only those members attending in person will be allowed to vote.  No proxies are accepted for the Annual General Meetings.  The General Meeting for the Society will begin at 6:30pm, immediately followed by the General Meeting for the Foundation (approx. 6:50pm). 

DATED this 24th DAY OF AUGUST, 2018.

By Order of the Boards

Ms. Margo Randles
Board Chair
Theatre Calgary

Mr. Chadwick Newcombe
Board Chair
Theatre Calgary Endowment Foundation