A message from Stafford Arima and Marc Hall for Calgary Pride

#PRIDE: Chaz Bono, Dionne Brand, Ronnie Burkett, Ruth Coker Burks, Margaret Cho, Anderson Cooper, Douglas Copeland, Laverne Cox, Toller Cranston, Wendy Crewson, Ellen DeGenerous, Timothy Findley, Tom Ford, Barney Frank, Sky Gilbert, Marc Hall, Elton John, Cleve Jones, Everett Klippert, Jean L’Heureux, K.D. Lang, Greg Louganis, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Ricky Martin, Harvey Milk, Ian McKellen, Michelangelo, Janet Mock, Martina Navratilova, Rosie O’Donnell, Suze Orman, Brian Orser, Ellen Page, Sarah Paulson, Cole Porter, Svend Robinson, Running Eagle, Arnold Scaasi, Wanda Sykes, George Takei, Tchaikovsky, Mark Tewksbury, Lily Tomlin, Alan Turing, Gianni Versace, Rufus Wainwright, Andy Warhol, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Tennessee Williams….and many more.

Voices who shaped culture….voices who changed lives. #PRIDE. - Stafford

PRIDE is a celebration of how far we have come and it is a time to reflect on what still needs to be done. PRIDE reminds us that we are all amazing, unique, and beautiful in our own ways. Although we as individual people are very different and diverse, we share a common collective experience of existing in this beautiful world and experiencing life. Everyone deserves to live that life to the fullest, being who they are, loving who they love, and free from prejudice. We should be very proud of the things our LGBTQ+ community has done to advance equality – let’s take this time to celebrate!!!

Wishing you all a joyous and wonderful PRIDE! - Marc

Watch Marc's story come alive on stage this January in The Louder We Get