General Accessibility

Theatre Calgary is accessible for everyone!


Do you have wheelchair seating?

  • Yes, we have a limited amount of wheelchair seating available for each performance. Please call our Audience Services team at 403-294-7447 to book.

Do you offer assistance to hearing-impaired guests?

  • Yes, we have a limited number of assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing. Please speak to our front-of-house staff at the coat check on the lower lobby level.

Is there elevator access within the theatre?

  • You can reach the Orchestra, Mezzanine, and First Balcony sections by elevator. The Second Balcony section can only be accessed by a staircase up from the First Balcony.

I am not in a wheelchair but I find stairs hard to navigate. What seats would be best for me?

  • Please call our Audience Services team for more information at 403-294-7447.