General Questions

Is there a dress code?

We do not have a dress code. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the performance, so come as you are!

How can I be courteous to my fellow audience members?

  • Please refrain from talking, whispering or unwrapping candies during the performance. Our theatre is designed to transmit sound, so even quiet noises can be intrusive to those around you.
  • Cellphones and watches can intrude on other patron's enjoyment of the play. Before the house lights go down, please ensure that these devices will not ring, beep or vibrate during the performance.
  • Please consider others before using strongly scented products such as cologne, perfume, or hairspray. Some patrons have medical reactions to these products that may interfere with their enjoyment of the show. 

Do you allow babes-in-arms?

Due to fire regulations, we cannot allow babes-in-arms. Every patron in the theatre, regardless of age, requires their own ticket. 

Can I take photos inside the theatre?

Taking pictures or video recordings inside the theatre during the performance is strictly prohibited. 

Can I text or tweet during the show?

The light from your cellphone disrupts the performance and your fellow audience members, we ask that you please refrain from texting or tweeting during the performance. You're more than welcome to tweet at intermission and after the show (we're @theatrecalgary)

Can I bring my own food or drink into the theatre?

No, but you can bring beverages purchased at the lobby bar into the theatre. We can't allow glass inside the theatre, please ask the bartender for a compostable plastic cup. 

How early should I arrive?

The Max Bell Theatre lobby doors and ticket pick-up table open one hour before the performance begins. Our shows start promptly, we recommend that you arrive as early as possible in order to find parking, enjoy the theatre bar, and take your seats without feeling rushed. 

What if I'm late for the show?

Latecomers will only be seated at the discretion of the House Manager, who may need to place you in alternate seats. In order not to disturb your fellow audience members, you may have to wait for a suitable moment (the latecomer's call) that has been chosen by the production's director. If you arrive after the latecomer's call has passed, you may have to wait until intermission to enter the theatre. 

I have a question that isn't addressed here. Who should I ask?

Feel free to call our Audience Services team at (403)-294-7447. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. At the theatre, please speak to our friendly front-of-house staff and volunteers, who will be happy to assist you.